Facility Reservations

Facility Reservations
Select a date on the calendar to view the reservation grid for that day.

Read the policies below before making a reservation. Your reservation cannot be confirmed unless all requirements are met. If the pool will be used during the event, additional life guards are likely required and MUST be secured with the Pool Management Company directly.

Read this before making a reservation!
Start by picking an available time. Reservations are not confirmed until your reservation request meets all requirements and a completed PDF agreeing to the club rules and policies is sent to RCHAParty@gmail.com.

Please note that reservations do NOT guarantee exclusive access to the area.

Pool guests and River Chase residents who are not full members must be accompanied by a full member of RCHA. There is a limit of 4 pool guests max. at the same time per member family. If you combine member families and have more than 8 guests total, it is considered a β€˜party’ and a reservation is required.

a. Picnic area and bathrooms only: $25
b. Clubhouse (includes picnic area) for up to 25 guests: $50
c. Clubhouse (includes picnic area) for 25-50 guests: $100
d. Clubhouse (includes picnic area) for more than 50 guests (subject to RCHA Board
approval): $150

Additional rules and charges apply for any events with use of the pool. Extra lifeguards must be secured at least 10 days before the event. See Dynamo Party Guard Request form at https://www.dynamopoolmanagement.com/lifeguard-services/request-party-guards

How to make a facility reservation:
1. Go to the "Facility" page and select a date and time on the Calendar.
2. Enter Event details and "Submit" your 'pending' reservation.
3. Download the River Chase Reservation Agreement (https://riverchase.org/reservation-agreement-128/) and email a signed copy to RCHAParty@gmail.com.
4. Once your reservation Request is 'approved', you will receive an email to Confirm the reservation and you can Pay RCHA Usage Fees online.
5. If the Pool will be used during the event, you most likely must secure additional Life Guards with our Pool Management Company Dynamo at https://www.dynamopoolmanagement.com/lifeguard-services/request-party-guards
6. Send a copy of your confirmed party lifeguards to RCHAParty@gmail.com.

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